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Gastronomy of Jerez

10 octubre, 2018 Tecnico1 0 Comments

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The other part of a good meal is always accompanied by a good drink. In the case of Jerez de la Frontera, this is a guaranteed success.

Besides, the city of Jerez is considered birthplace of the flamenco. Get ready for your tour in Jerez because it won’t make you feel indiferent.

First of all, we recommend visiting the Wine Museum “El Misterio de Jerez”. Is one of the most visited museums and worths the visit. Remember book with sufficient advance. Jerez is its wines and brandys so visiting an old winery of the city is a very good idea. Includes explanations of its elaboration process both in the past and nowadays.

Regarding recommended areas to enjoy the gastronomy, we highlight the area between Alcalde Álvaro Domecq Av. And Duque de Abrantes Av. Full of tapas places and terraces, where you can try good regional wines accompanied by good tapas and good vibes.

Lastly, when enjoying wines from Jerez, remember that combine with shrimps, anchovies in vinegar, seafood paellas, salmorejo, fried fish and Spanish jamón. Besides, we recommend you to finish your visit with a tour around Jerez.

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