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Sotogrande, a place for enjoyment

10 julio, 2018 Tecnico1 0 Comments

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This town located between the province of Cádiz and Malaga, offers an idyllic setting with its luxury houses. It is reputed to contain very luxurious sports and residential complexes with its polo club, its golf courses, its beaches clubs and, especially, its prestigious marina that includes many quality bars and restaurants.

Sotogrande stands out by its coastline and its hinterland where nature outshine.

Buying a house in Sotogrande is increasingly interesting to visitors because the town is very complete in terms of its infrastructure (bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets …) and is also located near some of the most famous golf courses in the world.

«This small corner of paradise is magical», that is what you will hear from its residents who come from all over the world.

For residents who bought a villa in Sotogrande, the view over Gibraltar accentuates the magic of the place. Nature and golf lovers will definitely set up home.

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