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What is Santander?

8 agosto, 2019 Tecnico1 0 Comments

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Santander is more than just a major bank. It is a city located in northern Spain filled with unique tourist experiences and a rare climate for Spain. Here is a list of things you must experinece in Santander.

Playa del Sardinero- Hit the beach! This port towns experience would not be complete without a beach day. Playa del Sardinero is especially nice as the golden sand and surfers a plenty in the colder months.

Cuevas de Monte Castillo- Caves located just outside the city center but still easily accessed by car or bus. This caves main attraction is the ancient cave art! No replicas here as all the art is genuinly original. This tour in Santander is a must!

La Conveniente- A great bodega for enjoying a copa de vino with your amigos (Hey! That rhymed!). With a mountain of bottles, great selection of food, and occacionally live music, there is nothing better to end a night off with.

Tour historic sights- Guided activities in Santander are a must while visiting. There are plenty of locations to tour such as Centro Botín for art lovers, Palacio Real de la Magdalena, and the Península de Magdalena.